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About Arise Music and Coffee:


Arise Music and Coffee is the brain child of Mike Trujillo and Roman Barham, who are the owners/operators of the shop. While working a show at Launchpad and  closing up, we discussed a vision in which we both shared. That vision was to open a record store that carried vinyl, cassettes, t-shirts and all the other fun merchandise available for music lovers to come by and see.


One of the key and most important aspects of Arise Music and Coffee, is to provide a spot so local musicians can use as a central hub to get their merch out and sold, meet and hangout, and have a cup of coffee being the link for great music dialogue and conversation.


Arise Music and Coffee opened it's doors April 3rd, 2018. Arise Music and Coffee also has partnered up with HoldMyTicket.com where we remain the Box Office for them, folks can come by and purchase countless tickets for many venues in New Mexico and abroad. Arise Music and Coffee has a tremendous zen vibe, and is inviting to all, a little place in our universe where all could come in and forget about the hard life for awhile.

Roman Barham

Roman Barham is a talent booker/ promoter/ club manager/ and Co/owner and operator of Arise Music and Coffee.


Originally from Mountainair, NM Roman's first job in the music scene came in 2005/06 where he worked as a stagehand for NRG. While doing that from 2004/12 he was a store clerk at The Zone, as well as an organizer of the ZoneFest which included local artists such as Torture Victim, Suspended, Super Giant and many many others.


From 2007/08 Barham worked security at Launchpad and The Sunshine Theater. From 2011 to present he  continues to book and manage at Launchpad and other venues across the state with his own production company Roman Empire Productions which was established in  2014.


Roman has a deep love for music and has a desire to see the local scene thrive. With his signature black beard you can catch him at several venues, as he may doing sound one night at Moonlight Lounge, or Managing a crazy fun filled night at Launchpad. Oh and if he wasn't busy enough, you can catch him jamming in one of the following bands; Red Mesa, Black Maria, Echoes of Fallen. He previously  played with the Ground Beneath, Torture Victim and Jagged Mouth.

Mike Trujillo

Mike Trujillo Co/owner and operator of Arise Music and Coffee has been a staple in the Albuquerque music scene since 1986.


A frustrated musician who wanted to be involved in music in one capacity or another, eventually took to the media aspect of the business. In 1989 Trujillo created Ground Zero Fanzine, which featured metal acts such as Voi Vod, GWAR, Dark Angel, and The Angry Babies, and many others.


Trujillo also did freelance writing for other rags such as Pit Magazine out of Colorado, Slut Magazine and others. In 1992 he started a long running public access TV show entitled Zero Hour Squared where he shot countless local/ national touring acts showcasing them on the program. He also interviewed countless acts on the way, many of which included Word Salad, FTB, Torture Victim, Suspended, Anesthesia, Type O Negative, Dio, Motorhead, and many others.


In 2010 Trujillo took the show to the radio airwaves with the Zero Hour Squared Radio show on Sports Radio 610 am KNML The Sports Animal. In 2014 Trujillo was hired to do the afternoon drive time show entitled the Sports Bar with Michael Carlyle and Mike Trujillo which airs on 95.9 FM and AM 610 The Sports Animal, where he still currently works. Trujillo loves his music, his sports, and his city and will not go away!

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